Welcome to The Better Way


THE BETTER WAY is a street ministry and mission work founded in March of 1986 by Pastor Steve Campbell and his wife Wanda.  For the last 27 years, THE BETTER WAY has stood as a place of hope to the homeless and poor in the "Short North" district of Columbus' inner city.  The ministry is housed in The Garden Church facility at 38 W. Greenwood Avenue, the closest intersection being 5th Avenue and High Street.  Since 1986, over 400,000 people have come through our doors seeking physical and spiritual assistance.

THE BETTER WAY REACHES OUT TO MEET THE SPIRITUAL, PHYSICAL AND EMOTIONAL NEEDS OF PEOPLE MIRED IN URBAN POVERTY... the distressed... the disadvantaged... and the disregarded... those who society pushes aside.  We reach out through community action, educating and equipping people through life-changing programs and nurturing healthy relationships in a Christian environment.  


Check out our new "Videos" page to witness how God has blessed so many lives through this ministry!